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Memorial Day Meaning – What is US Memorial Day Weekend 2016

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Memorial Day Meaning – What is US Memorial Day Weekend 2016:>Everyone knows when is memorial day but do you know what is memorial day weekend? Do you know the meaning of Memorial Day ? Why it is celebrated in US ?

In this post you will learn What is US Memorial day is all about and how you can celebrate  it.


What is Memorial Day Weekend ?

Memorial day is on 30th of May 2016. Its one of the most important day in the US Calendar. On US memorial day  we honor all the soldiers in the military who died while serving the country. It is observed on the last Monday of May every year.
We call it as memorial day weekend as we get a 3 day weekend that is Saturday, Sunday and the Memorial Day Monday. A Uniform Holiday Bill was passed in 1968 to create this 3 day weekend.

Previously Memorial Day was called as the Decoration day. Some people even confuse Memorial Day with Veteran’s Day. Don’t do such things both these days are celebrated for different reasons. I have already posted an article about the history and origin of Memorial Day.

More info here :

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What do People do on Memorial Day Weekend ?

On Memorial Day people generally visit the memorials and cemeteries of the soldiers. As  a respect to the soldiers a US flag is placed on their graves by various volunteers. Nowadays unfortunately the people have now have forgotten the importance of the memorial day and instead go on picnic and enjoy the holidays with their families and friends.
It’s completely fine, people should do that too but they should not forget the importance of the last Monday of May. They should remember the people who sacrificed their life for the country.

What You Should Do on this Memorial Day 2016 ?

You can completely enjoy the Saturday and Sunday of the memorial day weekend but should observe the memorial day on 30th May that is Monday. It is the least you can do for the people who died fighting for the country, for you. So go out do shopping on the memorial day sales, hangout with your friends and family but observe the Memorial Monday this year.
You can also participate in any events or parades taking place on memorial day weekend. I am also eager to hear the speech of the US President Mr. Barack Obama on this day.

Yes , its a pride that we celebrate this day to show our respect to all those who really deserve it. Its because of them we are living happily and peacefully with our families in our day to day life, without the fear of terrorism and wars.

Yes, I know that you guys will also go to cemetery of our American soldiers and place an American flag in the front of them. A Grand Salute to all those who sacrifice their life for the country. Happy Memorial Day Weekend 2016 to all you guys.

Now We Know :

I hope you guys are now well versed with the meaning of memorial day and how and why should we celebrate memorial day.

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