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When is Memorial Day Weekend 2016 Date

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When is Memorial Day Weekend in 2016:>Memorial day is celebrated every year on the last Monday of May of the US Calender. The federal holiday is observed in the remembrance of the Americans who died while serving the country in military. It was also formerly called as Decoration Day.

Memorial Day Gettysburg National Cemetery

Memorial Day Dates:

30th May, Monday, 2016
29th May, Monday, 2017

Since it’s 2016 we will observe Memorial Day Weekend on the 30th May.

When is Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day Date

What is Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day Weekend: History

So now let’s dig down a little more about what is memorial day. A memorial day is a day when we pay a tribute to all the american men and women who died while serving the country in military. We pay tribute to them by remembering them and visiting their memorials and cemeteries. An American flag is placed in front of the cemeteries of the soldiers. Many people also put flowers on the graves and remember the sacrifices made by the soldiers for the country.

In early American days many people reunited with their family and friends and used to go for picnics where they have their dinners sitting on the ground. This was one of the ideas which reflected in the origin of ‘Memorial Day’.

Previously Memorial Day was called as Decoration Day. The name originated as the graves of soldiers were decorated with flowers all over the nation. The Federal law changed the name officially from ‘Decoration Day’ to ‘Memorial Day’.
Memorial Day Weekend 2016
The original date to celebrate ‘Memorial Day’ was 30th May which was shifted to the last Monday of May after the ‘Uniform Monday Holiday Act’ was passed by Congress Government in 1968. The federal law actually took effect in 1971 after oppose and disorientation by many states.

Due to the Act, 4 holidays were shifted creating a favorable weekend thus the name “Memorial Day Weekend”.  So don’t be confused when is memorial day weekend 2016.

Some people mix up veterans day with memorial day but remember my friend they both are pretty different. Memorial day is observed in remembrance of the soldiers who died while serving and veterans day is celebrated for all the U.S military veterans.

So now you know all the facts about this day, be prepared for Memorial Day 2016 celebrations.

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