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WHY DO WE CELEBRATE APRIL FOOL’S DAY EACH YEAR ON 1ST APRIL:>Be alert on this upcoming April fools day because on this you could be a trap by your family, friends, schools teachers. On this day, fake news and stories have appeared in the newspaper, radio station or t.v, on social networking sites like Facebook, Whatsapp, etc.

Why Do we Celebrate April Fool?

Hello friends, our this article is to inform you about why do we celebrate April Fool Day. This day is not a national holiday but it celebrated worldwide in every year. So the question is arise much time that why do we celebrate April fool day? There are many facts, many theories around about how April fool day started. In this world, many people are living with the different mentality, different lifestyle. They have their own point of view about April fool day. Some people believe that April fool was celebrated to turning the season in springtime. Our cultural have some historical and religious festival, like the Hindus (The world’s third largest religion) celebrate Holi and Jews celebrate Purim around this time of year. This is the one of the so many reasons to celebrate April fools day.

Why Do we Celebrate April Fool's Day Each year on 1st April


Why Do we Celebrate it on 1st April?

Why do we celebrate April fool day on 1st April? Many people don’t know about this question. In this section, you get the answer about April fool. As I tell that some people have different types of point of views that’s why some still believe that April fools day started because of adoption of the new calendar in 1582 that why some people celebrating this day as a new year. This day is celebrated in many countries, these are France, Scotland, Iran, India, Spain, Portugal, Denmark, etc. In France there is the holiday of this day, in France April fools day is known as April Fish.

Why Do we Celebrate April Fool's Day Each year on 1st April


April Fool’s Day Celebration Tips

Tips are very important for all of us. Many people playing pranks and practical jokes on each around. They making fools around each other. Here we have given you some April fools day celebration tips which you can apply on this April fools day to make some fools.

Place a transparent plastic sheet on one’s favorite carpet or book and drop gravy or ink on it.

Replace guests car keys with another set that looks same but cannot open the locks.

A fake car scratch or broken glass tattoo is good for people who love their cars.

Take a perfume bottle filled with onion juice and maybe pass it around at the party and give to your friend to use it.

Paint a bar of soap with nail polish. Your victim will go crazy trying to wash.

Set someone’s alarm to an early time such as 3am or 4am and place it somewhere the alarm clock is hard to find or reach.

Why Do we Celebrate April Fool's Day Each year on 1st April

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